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No charges for pickup. We have our own transportation trucks. We deliver the best customer service by providing value added services.

Yes, you can place pickup request through phone call, whatsapp, Email.

We at Craphome buy all kind of scrap generated in Shopping malls, houses, supermarkets, hospitals and industries. We buy the scrap which can be recycle and reuse for example iron, copper, brass, steel, stainless stell, aluminium, tin, electronic waste, paper, magazines, books, textbooks, notebooks, old newspapers, cardboard, glasses, soft plastic, hard plastic, mixed scarp and even we accept broken toys, Call us to know more!

Great!! We could discuss and schedule a specific day for pickup every month. Our staff will come for pickup your scrap on the planned schedule every month. Please call us for more details.

No such criteria, but we request you that it would be better for us if the quantity is more than 10 kg.

Yes, You can Deliver material directly to Craphome by Contacting Us.

Call us to Know More

We are open 7 days a week to receive material deliveries from Sunday to saturday 9am to 10pm.

We ship recovered materials all over Telangana to wholesalers, distributors and manufacturing units, local markets in Hyderabad, to markets throughout Telangana.

Currently we are available only in few parts of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. If the scrap quantity is more we can pick up from any part of the city, please call us! for more detail.
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H.no: 16-9-493/3/A,
Water Tank Road,
Old Malakpet, Hyd-36.

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About US

What We Buy?

We at Craphome- scrap buyer in Hyderabad, aim and pledge 3 R’s: Reduce, Recycle & Reuse to serve our customers the best service. Choose us as your scrap buyers for disposing of scrap. In general, we take everything that is used up or discarded to recycle. We respect the needs and perspectives of our customers. We all work to make this planet the finest place to live. Our main goal is to achieve Sustainability by providing a difference that is both Cost & Environmentally friendly.

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